Strings to Scroll Maintenance Plan with Day Violins

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to think that there would never be a broken string or an instrument that was dropped during class?

It would, but life happens, so this is why Day Violins began offering the Strings to Scroll Program.

Strings to Scroll Maintenance Plan

Day Violins strongly encourages every student renter to purchase the String to Scroll Maintenance Plan – a comprehensive instrument coverage offered by Day Violins.

After repairing instruments that had been damaged, even accidentally, the cost of repairs falls to out of pocket payments for parents.  In order to help the families renting from Day Violins, we began offering Strings to Scroll to help students keep unexpected costs down and to provide basic regular care and maintenance on their instruments when needed.  The program chosen as an add on and is offered to all violin, viola, cello, and bass rentals.

What does the maintenance plan offer?

The maintenance program offers free repair services due to accidents and normal wear and tear to your rental instrument.  Intentional damage or negligence are not covered under this plan.

Need some examples?

Normal wear and tear would include replacing a string that was broken during tuning, small or minor scratches, replacement of instrument when damaged beyond repair, repair of open seams, necks, bows, or cases.

Intentional damage or negligence includes, but is not limited to actions such as leaving your instrument unattended, carving your name into the wood, exposing your instruments to the elements (hot or cold, rain, etc.), allowing pets or siblings near the instrument, damaging the instrument in any way due to frustration or boredom, and placing objects into the “f” holes.

Cost of the Strings to Scroll Maintenance Plan

Currently, the monthly cost for Strings to Scroll is $5.65/month for violin and viola, $7.95/month for cellos, $10.95/month for basses. (For upgraded instruments, maintenance rates may vary.)

Add the popular Strings to Scroll Maintenance Plan to your monthly rental when you check out through the Day Violins shop!





Welcome new parents!

Welcome new parents