My child wants to quit! Now what?

Girl with Violin

When your child decides to take strings through their school, it is a class that lasts the entire school year.  In the beginning, everything seems fun and exciting.  However, when daily practice, difficulty with finger placement, practicing the techniques over and over…we admit it…the novelty wears off and beginning students get frustrated. 

This is where the real learning begins. 

This is where the child starts learning the muscle memory and the ear training that allows them to have success in the musical journey. 

This is also the time that children will start to ask if they can quit.

When they say they want to quit

Day Violins is a family-owned and operated business.  Not only do they understand this frustration, but have experienced it with their own children!  Their best advice is to remember that there are a lot of things children don’t like to do that are important for their well-being.  When you need to help your child understand this idea you can use brushing your teeth and washing your hands as examples.  Just like playing an instrument, these activities, and many others, require discipline.  Sometimes children will make up excuses and avoid having to do these tasks, just like they will avoid practicing.

Countless studies show that children who participate in music education get better grades, score higher on tests, have an overall better outlook on life, and stay in school. 

When they really don’t like to play

If your child truly does not like to play an instrument, encourage them to find another productive activity to choose from, which will give them an opportunity to explore possible talents they can develop.  Otherwise, help them overcome the frustrations they experience while learning an instrument so they can continue their musical journey.  There is such a sense of accomplishment when the initial learning curve is over!

When renting at Day Violins, we do accommodate returns for children that are unhappy with playing.  There is a two-month minimum at the beginning of the rental period.  After the second month, the instrument may be returned at any time.





Welcome new parents!

Welcome new parents