Beginning student? Here’s all the things you need to succeed!

Welcome to Day Violins and the wonderful musical world of string instruments.  As a new student you know you need an instrument and a bow…but what other accessories will you need to ensure success? 

What your Day Violins rental includes

At Day Violins we rent “outfits.”  What does that mean?  It means we provide you with all the core accessories for the price of your rental. 

First, you’ll receive an instrument.  The instrument is owned by our store and we make sure to test each and every instrument before renting it to you!  We make sure it’s in top condition with no defects, cracks or issues that would impede playability.  It will come with strings on it – no need to purchase those – and with our Strings to Scroll Maintenance plan we will restring your instrument as needed!

Next, your instrument always comes with a protective case!  It’s very important you keep your instrument safe and secure when not in use.  The protective case is your best way to do that.  Because almost all cases look the same we also provide a name and address label you can put on the case.  Do not put stickers or tape on the case!  It will damage it!  Instead, if you need a better way to identify your case, we suggest a brightly colored ribbon tied to the handle.

Day Violins always provides each student with rosin.  If you need more than one you can purchase additional rosin from our shop!

Finally, a pencil!  We guarantee you’ll need one during your lessons or class time.

To round out your playing experience, you will also need to purchase several other items that will enhance your experience.  Before purchasing be sure to ask your teacher what’s on their list of must-have accessories!   

The most frequent accessories you’ll need to purchase

CLEANING CLOTH – this is a microfiber cloth to wipe rosin residue off the strings and instrument after playing/practicing.

MUSIC STAND – to hold your music when you are practicing daily at home! 

SHOULDER REST – most orchestra teachers recommend that violin and viola students purchase a shoulder rest. The shoulder rest helps to support the instrument while playing and lets the student maintain good playing posture. 

ROCK STOP – exclusively for Cello students,  the rock stop is a rubber pad that fits under the endpin of the Cello keep it from slipping, and to protect the floor from marks and damage.   

Other optional items may include a metronome, a tuner, extra strings and rosin, and a method book.





Welcome new parents!

Welcome new parents