Leaving a Musical Legacy: Honoring Charlotte Day

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When you grow up in a family of musicians it becomes an integral part of your identity, shaping not just who you are, but what the world is and how you appreciate the things around you. 

I love being a musician. Both my mother and father instilled in me a love of music that has shaped my entire life. It was foundational in my decision to become a music teacher. And, as a teacher, I was able to share that with my orchestra students and then carry that same passion for music into our business, Day Violins, LLC. 

It is a privilege and honor to be sharing the gift of music with students by providing great quality instruments, private lessons, instrument repairs, and supporting our school districts, and musicians. The groundwork for owning and operating this incredible business with my wife Jenna, was laid from the time I was a baby. My home was filled with music. My life was filled with music. And it all began with my mother, Charlotte Day. 

A Mother and a Musician

My mother began playing the flute when she was nine years old and never stopped. She played through high school and then through college receiving awards and accolades for her mastery of this instrument. While studying for her Doctorate in Musicology she met my father, Steven, who also happened to be one of her students. Their love story, like their love of music, wove together creating a beautiful song that is now rippling through our family. 

You see, one year ago, on June 30, 2022, my mother, Charlotte Day passed away. They say grief is a journey with ups and downs. I have found that to be true. As part of my journey, I have embraced the musical legacy that my mother left behind. A legacy that I can carry forward with a sense of pride and responsibility.  

If you’ve been in the Day Violins shop, you may have met my mother, Charlotte. I could list out all the amazing awards she won and places she played, but her musical legacy is not just about personal achievement; it is about the deep connection she made with others and how she gave back to them through the power of music.  

As a Suzuki Flute instructor, Charlotte Day taught privately and for Day Violins for many years. She demanded excellence from her students because she saw their greatness and potential. She encouraged them, challenged them, and loved them fiercely. 

quote about Charlotte Day and her love of music

A Legacy of Love

Most days, Charlotte could be found in her flute studio giving “just one more lesson.” That “one more lesson” is what made a difference in so many ways. The extra time spent, the extra love that was shown, and the effort to make sure the students knew she truly cared about them. 

Charlotte Day’s legacy is that of a champion. She believed that every child deserved to have someone who will never give up on them, who understands them, who sees their potential, and insists they become the best they can possibly be. Charlotte was that champion for so many of her students.

Like a ripple, her dedication and love for music affected others and they have gone on to teach and play professionally. There are many within that circle of influence including me, her son, my wife, my father, both her daughters, all ten of her grandchildren, her students, and her colleagues.

All four of my children are musicians. My own son, Xander Day, is a flute performance major at Eastman School of Music. He began teaching many of his grandmother’s former students and recently put on a concert featuring her favorite music. It was a beautiful evening that one attendee called a  “celestial conversation” with his grandmother.   

Xander Day performing at Eastman School of Music

I’ve noticed that it is not uncommon to see a former student of Charlotte Day changing lives with “just one more lesson.” That ripple effect will continue forever. Even when we may not see it, Charlotte’s lessons will live on through the love of music she instilled in so many.

I am grateful for the musical legacy of Charlotte Day. The melodies and harmonies that once filled my childhood home have become part of a larger musical tapestry where new beautiful compositions are created.

What will be your musical legacy? 

We invite you to 

❤️ Share music with others as a musician or appreciator of the arts. 

❤️ Support music programming in schools.

❤️ Advocate for music education to reach all areas of the world.

❤️ Contribute to the Charlotte Day Musical Scholarship through ArtSpire and help a student that does not have the resources to take musical lessons.

Thank you, Mom, for instilling in me a powerful musical legacy that will live on. 

Written in honor of Charlotte Day, January 10, 1946 to June 30, 2022.



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Welcome new parents

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Rest assured that Day Violins has the highest quality of customer service and a generous referral credit rental program for upgrading your instrument as your child grows and improves in their musical abilities.  

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