Discover Your Musical Journey with Day Violins: Why, How, and What We Can Do For You

When you first learn an instrument it is challenging. Knowing where to place your fingers, how to hold the instrument, how to move a bow, and then to put it all together to create more than just noise.

But, when you do finally catch on to the techniques that your music teachers had you practice over and over again you realize that you can now create beautiful sounds that tell a story of hard work, patience, and purpose. You created the story of your musical journey.

Day Violins started out like every other musician. It was an idea formed around a kitchen table that turned into a few instrument rentals and grew into a music shop that has watched thousands of students, teachers, and music lovers create their own musical journeys.

Our Mission

At the heart of it all is our mission —we are a small family-owned company that provides the highest quality instruments and service to our customers and advocates for music education for all within our community.

We like to say we’re big enough to serve, and small enough to care. What that means for you is that we meet all your instrument needs with a big dose of passion and heart.  We love what we do and that is why we do it.


Day family of Day Violins in virginia

What We Can Do For You

We serve three customers; students, teachers, and professional musicians.  Which one are you?


There is no lack of evidence that when a student participates in music education they develop skills that go far beyond simply learning how to play. They are more confident, motivated, better at problem-solving and analytical thinking, and so much more.

We offer students an opportunity to invest in themselves with high-quality instruments and private instruction. 

High-quality instrument rentals and a maintenance plan are fundamental to a student’s success. The struggle to find high-quality instruments was what led Jason and Jenna Day to start a string instrument shop. We are proud to say that we stand behind the instruments we rent and will help every student find their perfect instrument match.

Our network of talented and skilled private instructors offers lessons on-site or virtually to help students improve their technique and skills.


Near and dear to our hearts are the teachers who put their heart, soul, passion, money, time, and so much more into music education. We see how much you do and how hard you work. Day Violins is invested in making sure you succeed.

Did you know we can set up any of the following opportunities for you?

  • Instrument night or instrument petting zoos where we help you recruit students for your music classes with hands-on experiences and knowledgeable staff
  • Private or group instrument sizing and rental sessions for your students.
  • Free delivery of rental instruments to your school and classroom
  • Folders, folders, and more folders – all free of charge to you – to help keep your student’s method books organized for music class
  • Continuing education opportunities on simple instrument repairs and more
  • Promotion of your concerts, events, and more online and in our shop.

Do you have an idea or a need we haven’t thought of? We want to hear about it. Will you let us help?

Professional Musicians

You may not think a music shop can offer you much more than a way to buy or repair an instrument, but we’re here to tell you differently. Yes, Day Violins facilitates the sale of professional instruments and bows. We also offer repairs and restoration services. 

But, as a professional musician, you will need more to thrive in a challenging industry. Day Violins can help you network, find ongoing learning opportunities, and ways to invest in yourself. 

The Day Family of Day Violins in Northern Virginia

How We Do It

We’re about to spill the secrets of why Day Violins has been so successful in providing services. Are you ready to hear how we do it?

  • We know what our customers want and provide them with top-quality instruments and opportunities.
  • We personalize your in-store experience to ensure all our customers leave happy and satisfied.
  • We make things convenient for you. We deliver, pick up, ship, rent online, rent in-person, schedule private or group appointments, and more. 
  • We invest in our community. We advocate, encourage, promote, and participate in supporting music education for all.
  • We love what we do. Ultimately it all comes back to that night around the kitchen table and the musical journey that started with the idea to find a way to provide students with high-quality instruments. 

Come see us for any of your string instrument needs. From repairs to rentals, sales, and more. Thank you for supporting our small family-owned business and letting Day Violins be part of your story.



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Welcome new parents!

Welcome new parents

Welcome to the wonderful world of string instruments! As a brand new parent, you probably have a lot of questions!  We want you to walk away from this experience knowing that you have the right instrument and accessories to help your student succeed.

Rest assured that Day Violins has the highest quality of customer service and a generous referral credit rental program for upgrading your instrument as your child grows and improves in their musical abilities.  

We are so excited to take this journey with you.  

With that in mind, we know that some of the most pressing questions for our beginning parents are:

Rest assured that Day Violins has the highest quality of customer service and a generous referral credit rental program for upgrading your instrument as your child grows and improves in their musical abilities.  

We are so excited to take this journey with you.